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The type of graduate you recruit will play a vital role in the future of your organisation.  These grads are your future superstars – your departmental heads, your CFOs and your Managing Directors – and how you onboard them can play a key role in ensuring their path to future success. 

Most graduate positions are finalised a year in advance, with next year’s programs kicking-off in February and March 2021.  Onboarding typically involves a week of face-to-face activities, so one of the key challenges facing organisations during the ‘new normal’ is how best to welcome these new starters into the business, when a face-to-face induction is not always possible? 

Team building offers a solution regardless of your location in Australia. Be Challenged can deliver these Programs face-to-face in COVIDsafe surroundings, virtually for those working remotely, or as a hybrid program.

Key outcomes of team building during Graduate onboarding 

  • Teaching and developing the graduate’s soft skills and understanding the importance of teamwork, communication and networking 
  • Empowering the graduate to buy-in to the businesses philosophy 
  • Building long lasting relationships between graduates, graduate champions and managers.

Be Challenged recommendations for onboarding your future superstars 

  • Keep it fresh! See what is new in the market. Every year grads come to the workforce with different mindsets and ambitions, so make sure your business meets and beats their expectations
  • Make sure the team building session links to the goals and vision of the business
  • Establish a connection with the graduates. Develop the social relationship between the graduates and your company. These are your future leaders
  • Take a holistic approach on the day and ensure that each session complements the overall goal of the program.

Recommended Be Challenged Programs for Graduate onboarding

Need more information? Don’t miss the AAGE Graduate Conference 

What types of graduates and interns should you be recruiting? What strategies and priorities should you focus on in 2020? This year’s Annual AAGE Graduate Recruitment & Development Virtual Conference  (Wednesday 28th October – Friday 30th October 2020) will guide you on the best direction to take for hiring and onboarding your future graduates. 

It is a fantastic opportunity to engage with, and learn from, the leaders in the Graduate industry. The best part? As part of the conference, the Be Challenged team will be hosting a Virtual Social Activity – so you can experience first-hand how remote programs can be used to welcome your own graduates on board. You can register for the event here.

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