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At Be Challenged we create interactive team building events that turn individuals into great collaborators and more effective team players. Be Challenged’s unique approach to helping businesses reach their full potential means your team will learn while having fun. In each of the team building programs teamwork, collaboration and communication are the key learning outcomes along with practical skills around leadership and strategic thinking.

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Be Challenged is a recognised COVIDsafe service provider to all of NSW Government under the following scheme:

  • Full Prequalification Scheme: Performance and Management Services: 4b) Human Resources – Training & Development, Coaching & Facilitation and event management relating to these programs.

Remote Team Building

Designed to drive team engagement and collaboration with no more than a computer and internet connection.

Breaking Down Barriers

Create a productive team by smashing down the boundaries that often build up in the everyday work space.

More Collaborative

Smash away the silo mentality and start seeing the value in working collaboratively.

Better Problem Solvers

Promote strategic thinking and problem solving in a fun yet challenging environment.

Purely Having Fun

Form immediate bonds by getting people out of the workplace and having fun, TOGETHER!

Building Relationships & Networking

Shared experiences that get people talking, thinking and working together…quickly.

Rewarded & Entertained

Give your team some fun and entertainment as just rewards for a job done well.

Energised Quickly

Fire up your team in next to no time at all.

Focused On One Goal

Align your team with a single focus and see the benefits it can bring.

Giving Back To The Community

An opportunity to unite your team by helping those less fortunate.

Taken Out Of Their Comfort Zone

Challenging experiences designed to test teams but with these successes come the greatest rewards.

So how good are we?

We organised this event to celebrate the end of a successful 2 year project. We were looking for something a bit different and something that would fit the team dynamics.

Company: Westpac, Event: Flat Out Formula 1

Be Challenged were a delight to work with from the get go. The encouraging thing for me was that not only did people have a fantastic time (very important!), they also picked up how the activities were supporting the learning we were looking to deliver.

Company: Lion, Event: Survivor

Thank you for all the great work you put into making our day a success. It was definitely a fun filled learning day for us. We can’t wait for another opportunity to use Be Challenged again and are sure they’ll impress our colleagues/clients.

Company: Boral, Event: Community Challenge