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Team Building Apps and Games

At Be Challenged, we use a variety of apps, software and web-based games that are specifically designed for enhancing team building outcomes.

While ultimately it is the facilitator who will determine audience engagement levels and the success of any team building program or event, their use of the right technology, in the right way, can be a significant driver of a program’s success.

Whether it is for enhancing message delivery, driving engagement through gamification, providing team insights, or delivering an energy boost, the following team building apps are excellent tools to connect and engage your team.

Team Building Apps and Games

Go Team

This powerful and versatile team building app is fully customisable to be tailored to your team building activity and deliver on your key messaging and outcomes.

Proprietary to Be Challenged in Australia, the Go Team app is used to power many different games and activities, including our most popular Go Team face-to-face program, which is a GPS based scavenger hunt.

The Go Team app allows us to build a trail using a maps background or add an original background image and place interactive icons with embedded information and other features.

Information and updates can be delivered to participants in real time from a central control room and teams can communicate in-app as they navigate the team building game.

Go Team can be built around a variety of formats such as choose your own adventure, drip feed activities or strategic programs using passwords, QR codes and hidden checkpoints.

Go Team key points:

  • In both iOS and Android app stores
  • Interactive GPS-based scavenger hunt
  • Extremely versatile for your unique program
  • Tradeshow app with map, check in and embedded information for each booth


A great option for virtual team building activities, Quickfire is a simple and intuitive app-based team building game that is similar to Go Team however has fewer moving parts and is easier for users to adopt.

Fully customisable, it can be tailored to your unique program, message, theme and other key outcomes, or comes pre-configured for easy deployment.

Quickfire has icons which reveal information, activities, tasks, videos, images and more, but does not have GPS capabilities and information cannot be updated in real time from a central control room.

Themes can be choose-your-own-adventure, or more strategic using passwords, QR codes and rules to unlock certain items such as completing one challenge to open the next.

Quickfire key points:

  • In both iOS and Android app stores
  • Customisable for your activity theme
  • Virtual problem-solving activities
  • Polls, surveys, questionnaires
  • Rich multimedia information sharing capabilities

The Big Buzz

Be Challenged’s highly popular Big Buzz is a virtual team building game show with trivia, buzz-in questions, Pictionary and drawing challenges, lip sync battles, interactive personal facts, and much more.

It sees participants join the web-based platform before being divided into teams of around 25 people and sent into various game rooms.

Realtime scores and a dedicated professional facilitator guides teams through the entire experience with proven strategies to drive engagement.

The Big Buzz platform is also commonly used as a presentation platform where users choose a presentation topic or are allocated to deliver one.

Big Buzz key points:

  • Web browser based
  • Game show style team activity
  • Great for virtual keynotes or workshops
  • Excellent communication tool for virtual activities

Peak Performance

This extremely popular team building and business game sees teams scale Mt Everest and return to base camp while overcoming a variety of obstacles such as altitude, crevasses, weather, and oxygen shortages.

Available virtually or face-to-face, the game is played on a tablet or laptop with all supporting documents as printouts. Teams receive live forecasts, scoreboards and various other information they must work through.

Teams are remotely joins through a centralised web platform and connected, with each individual seeing the same screen as their team.

Peak Performance key points:

  • Web browser based
  • Teams work together to scale Mt Everest
  • Drives collaboration and strategy
  • Improves team dynamics

The Infinite Loop

Always a crowd pleaser, The Infinite Loop sees teams of around five people receive a virtual reality (VR) headset that will take them through a virtual spaceship where they must overcome problems in the virtual word using real-world information.

To do this the person with the headset must communicate puzzles or problems to team members who must interpret these and determine a solution before communicating back.

Also available as The Infinite Loop Online, a web browser based virtual program where each team member is linked together and the software shares the puzzle information to teams.

The Infinite Loop key points:

  • Virtual reality app
  • Excellent team building activity
  • Encourages communication efficiencies
  • Interactive learning experience

Everything DiSC

DiSC Profiling – whether DiSC virtual or DiSC face-to-face – is a brilliant tool that allows team members to gain self-awareness around their key needs, and better understand their behaviours and those of their colleagues.

Everything DiSCfor participants to access their profiling reports, learn about themselves and access tips for working with different personality styles.

Participants can also work through comparison reports together to understand their unique relationships and how to best interact with each other.

DiSC Profiling key points:

  • Teaches people about themselves and others
  • Drives collaboration
  • Improve team dynamics
  • Drives high performing teams


Available face-to-face, and as a virtual program, Mastermind will have your team energised and engaged before heading off to their team breakout rooms.

Using an iPad app or web browser, Mastermind sees users scan a QR code and create or join a team which brings them straight into the game.

Presented by the Mastermind Host, teams are asked a series of questions that will make them laugh, provoke team discussion, utilise a little lateral thinking and be entertained, while there are also live scores and polls, and the content can be edited in real time.

Mastermind key points:

  • Web and app based
  • Interactive trivia style events
  • Live polls, surveys or questionnaires
  • Keynote presentations and debriefing

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