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Your end customer is the ultimate lifeblood of your organisation

Your customers won’t love your organisation unless your team love it first. This is why your team should be considered your ‘first customer’.

Nurturing and empowering a culture that’s lived internally means it can be loved externally.

Empowered people create more engaged customers. At Be Challenged, we call it Your Buzz.

Empowered Culture

Your Buzz is an energy and enthusiasm shared by your team that comes from them having clarity and feeling empowered. It strengthens your culture and improves hard metrics like retention and team satisfaction

Engaged Customers

Your Buzz then permeates through to your customer. From their day-to-day experiences with your brand, the products and services you create for them, to the communications that show your passion for solving their needs

Expert Solutions

Fun & Team

Don’t be mistaken by the name, these engaging programs deliver serious culture benefits. They use the power of fun to ensure participants bring the energy and are open to embrace new ways of working together

& Meetings

When you make the investment of bringing people together, you want to ensure you maximise the outcomes. From team building to skills development, if you put them in the room, we’ll make the magic happen

Learning &

From strategy facilitation to leadership training and collaboration skills, the same philosophy applies.
We eliminate distractions and create highly engaging forums to ensure participants lean in and outcomes are delivered

& Students

The education sector is experiencing unprecedented change and therefore significant challenges. We take a tailored approach to develop programs
to help you navigate the unique challenges of your institution

Valued Clients


Across Australia, we are a government panel member providing agencies with culture and skills development programs to help them better serve their communities

Non For Profits

A clear purpose doesn’t guarantee performance. We work with NFPs to harness their passion and turn it into aligned performance

Private Enterprises

From businesses of 5 to 50,000, we are a trusted partner for thousands of organisations seeking better synergy between strategy and culture to ultimately deliver better culture and customer outcomes


We work with education partners across Australia to deliver teacher, student and graduate programs to create unity and ultimately improve education outcomes

Four ways to partner


The delivery of a single, or tailored suite of sessions designed to deliver practical tools and team-building to put your team on track for success

Come Together

The seamless integration of sessions and inspiring presentations within your team offsite(s) ensuring when you bring your team together, we make the most of the opportunity.

Grow Together

An annual team and personal development plan tailored for your business to ensure your people feel connected, supported and that they have the necessary skills to help your business achieve its ambitions.

Stay Connected

A tailored annual connection plan for your business consisting of culture building, skills and leadership development, as well
as ongoing rituals to continually improve culture, productivity and outcomes for your clients.

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