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Giving Back To The Community

category-illustrations-givingAbout the programs

An opportunity to unite your team by helping those less fortunate. Our Giving Back to the Community Programs are all based around helping those in need whilst ensuring the group enjoy a brilliant shared experience that is sure to stay with them long after the program has finished.

Each of the programs is highly customisable with the ability to either support a charity of your choice or we are able to source an appropriate option for you. The programs themselves are still designed to be fun and interactive such as Horses for Causes where teams will build rocking horses and then race them in a fun filled race night whilst also respecting the charity or the reason for being there, like Helping Hands where teams will rebuild plastic limbs for land mine victims to use. Other than these programs through our partnership with B1G1 we also have the opportunity to bring a CSR element into any one of our programs, ensuring that this event is one that will not be forgotten.