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At Be Challenged we believe that collectively we can make a huge difference to the lives of those less fortunate than us.

To help achieve this, we have partnered with global giving organisation, B1G1 since 2016 to connect our everyday business activities with support for projects and worthy causes around the world.
To date our clients have delivered hundreds of thousands of Impacts across 133 different worthy causes.
B1G1 is our chosen giving partner because 100 per cent of your giving goes to recipients, and you can make it personal and choose your impact from some 500 projects.

You Give 1000 Days Worth of Seeds to Nourish Children in Malawi When You Book a Team Building Program 

Every time a team building program is booked with Be Challenged, the person booking provide families living in Malawi with 1000 days worth of seeds to help nourish their children. Why is this important?

Imagine being a child in Africa whose stomach is bloated from malnutrition or only being able to eat one meal of maize porridge on a good day. Many impoverished children suffer from diseases of malnutrition and lack the access to nutritious food. Make an impact by giving parents one year’s supply of seeds to grow healthy crops, so that they can feed and sustain their children day after day.

Maize, vegetable, soya bean, sunflower, peanut and cow pea seeds along with tree seedlings are given to subsistence farmers who are trained to develop both large crops and home gardens.

Our Giving Goal – 2 MILLION Impacts by the end of 2023

Educate a Child with Special Needs

In addition to the above giving, if you refer a colleague to Be Challenged, leave us a Google Review, or fill in a post program survey, you will also be helping a child with special needs in Nepal with seven of days of education.

Through our giving partner B1G1, the support you provide will help increase the chances of integrating such children into society and encourage them that they can contribute back to the community.

Refer a Colleague or Friend

If someone you know could benefit from Be Challenged’s Team Building Services, simply fill in this form and we will send you both an email confirming we have actioned the giving and outlining our services for your colleague to consider.

Leave us a Google Review

Have you had the pleasure of previously working with Be Challenged? If so, then we would love it if you shared that joy with the world by way of a Google Review. Click here to give a review and we will be in touch to confirm your giving.

Complete a Post Program survey

Feedback on our services is essential to ensure we continually improve. We offer every person who books a program with us the opportunity to complete a Post Program Survey.

Philanthropic Team Building Programs

As well as these everyday Giving Impacts, we have developed a range of philanthropic team building programs such as Impact, Go Give and Helping Hands that are designed specifically to enable you and your team to deliver meaningful impacts to a worthy cause of your choice.

People want to help, and your team will appreciate the opportunity to work together to make a difference to the lives of those less fortunate.

Impact Online Team Building Program
Go Give

B1G1 – How it works

B1G1 helps businesses achieve more social impact by embedding giving activities into everyday business operations and creating unique giving stories. Every business transaction and general day-to-day activities can impact a worthy cause.

  • 500+ HIGH-IMPACT CAUSES: B1G1 partner with vetted, high-impact projects to support people and communities around the world.
  • 100% GOES TO CAUSES: With a unique giving model, we pass on 100% of your giving to the projects you choose to support. – designed to
  • GIVING STORIES THAT TRULY RESONATE: B1G1 lets you ’embed’ giving into your business activities so that you can easily create a great impact that inspires.

Our Giving Manager

Head of Events and long-time Be Challenged team member, Vanessa Mullen is our B1G1 Giving Manager, and, along with directors Oliver and Kingsley, has been instrumental to the long-term success of this program.

Ness Mullen - Portrait

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