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Strategy Facilitation Testimonials

Testimonial courtesy of CFA – Country Fire Victoria:

“BeChallenged facilitated a well-planned and well-executed workshop, which incorporated two team-building challenge activities. Our team members went away more confident that the sum of the team enhanced the strengths of the individuals, and with a more meaningful understanding of how their individual roles fit within the broader group.*
*Glenn took a highly insightful approach to initial brief, creating interesting and authentic discussion and reflection across the team, which led to a sense of ownership and belonging and culminated in a Team Charter we developed on the day and later refined. Glenn’s diverse background meant that his examples were relatable, interesting and promoted further discussion and reflection across the board. His ability to build rapport with the group and subsequently challenge them constructively led to highly productive outcomes for the day.*
*The activities were fun, well-paced and challenging enough that the team had a real sense of accomplishment in completing them, and they reflected the diversity of skills and talents workingtogether across the team. Glenn and Carly were both engaging, experienced and credible facilitators who encouraged participants to reflect on their own contributions to the team, while building awareness of their co-workers’ skills and knowledge, particularly via the two challenges Beat the Box and Win it in a Minute.” – CFA

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