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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Having delivered some 6,000 team building programs to around 2,000 clients over 13+ years in business, there are few questions we have not been asked.
Below is a list of the most common questions you might have at different stages of your team building journey. If there is something you want to know, chances are it is covered below. If it is not, please contact us and we will get it answered.

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At Be Challenged we offer a wide range of services that are broken down into three buckets.

  • Fun and Team Building: ranging anywhere from one hour to one day, these programs are all about bringing the team together.
  • Conferences and Meetings: experiential activities and business simulations that align to your conference objectives.
  • Learning and Development: workshops designed to drive productivity, leadership and develop high performing teams.

We do not have fixed locations where we run our programs/workshops and will always come to you. However, we can assist you in selecting the perfect venue that meets your unique requirements around capacity, purpose, transport, and other factors, before selecting programs/workshops that will be the best fit for your objectives

Be Challenged delivers team building programs Australia-wide and globally. In fact, we are part of a global network with 54 partners around the world delivering programs/workshops across 82 countries.

In Australia we have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth. Most of the time you will have local facilitators, however sometimes, due to capacity or specific program/workshop deliverables, we will fly in the most appropriate facilitator.

We are very flexible with the duration of our programs/workshops to fit your agenda. They can range from a 20-minutes conference energiser to a 2-day strategy workshop. Most programs will fit within 1.5 to 2 hours.

This is usually a case-by-case scenario as it depends on the size of your event, type of program/workshop, location, and our availability. Ideally the sooner the better, however at least 2-3 weeks is usually required.

Pricing generally starts from $2,500+GST. All our programs/workshops have a setup fee and a per person fee which will be presented as one sum in the proposal. All our pricing is GST exclusive.

Water, sun cream, hand sanitiser and other hygiene and first aid products are provided.

All of Be Challenged’s facilitators are fully accredited in first aid.

Be Challenged’s COVIDsafe Events Framework and Program Offering ensures all of our programs – and events we participate in – adhere to the relevant and most recent state OHS legislation.

The Framework includes applying our COVID-19 Safety Plan and only offering programs that can be run safely, but without compromising on the delivery of required outcomes.

If you need to postpone your program/workshop due to COVID and/or Government mandated travel restrictions, we are happy to do so at no cost within reasonable notice (at least 7 days prior to event date). We will try to re-book your event within the next 3 months, if possible, at no additional cost.


This will depend on the event and the program/workshop you have, however as a minimum you should prepare:

  • Directions to and from the venue
  • Clear communications for your team around what to wear, what to bring, timings and what is expected of them.
  • Organise the teams for the program/workshop (see below). Be Challenged will let you know what size we need the teams to be for your program.
  • Depending on the program/workshop we may require audio visual (AV) equipment (see below). A basic projector, speakers and microphone is usually sufficient.

For more detailed insights on how you can prepare and plan for your team building program, please view our Teambuilding Calendar and Checklist, our Virtual Teambuilding Guide, and our overview on planning and running a team building event.

Anywhere between 4 and 2000.

We require final attendee numbers 7 days prior to the program delivery date.

Generally speaking, randomly assigned teams work well, however, depending on the program and your key business outcomes it might help to be strategic with your team formations. We are here to help!

If you are randomly selecting teams, we have several solutions that can quickly structure these for you on the day in a fun environment.

With larger groups we recommend pre-allocating teams with delegates knowing their groups in advance.

All our outdoor programs include us booking the most suitable park/venue where the program will be delivered. Some parks are unable to be used due to council restrictions, in which case we will always assist in finding the closest cost-effective option.

  • Answer the why. Why are we doing this activity? How does this tie into our business objectives?
  • If the program is part of a bigger conference or meeting, ensure it links with the rest of the day. Make it a blockbuster movie, not a cluster of short films.
  • Ensure your facilitators are using the same language and tone to match your business and culture.
  • Do not try and solve the world’s problems. Identify the key business outcomes and focus on these. Ensure you leave time to debrief and wrap up the program.

Different programs/workshops will require AV equipment and your dedicated Be Challenged Event Manager will confirm this. Be Challenged will always provide iPads, laptops, and adaptors to present, however the on-site AV will need to be set up. Usually the AV required will be:

  • Microphone
  • Projector and Screen
  • Speakers


  • The Be Challenged team arrives on-site and your lead facilitator will connect with you to walk through the venue and program space as well as confirm timings and any last-minute adjustments.
  • Once the lead facilitator has given the all-clear, the rest of the Be Challenged team will bump in all equipment.
  • Ice breakers, introductions, and instructions are presented to your teams.
  • The program/workshop is delivered.
  • Wrap up/debrief and presentations are delivered.
  • The Be Challenged team bump out.

In the lead-up to the event, a Be Challenged Event Manager will be looking after you. Two days prior to your program/workshop all the details of your delivery team will be provided.  This may also include your Be Challenged Event Manager, depending on the event. If this is the case it will be communicated in advance.

We will always be on-site at least 45 minutes prior to the program/workshop commencing, however, depending on the program we may require more bump in time. This will be planned with you prior.

Your dedicated Event Manager will be monitoring the weather leading into the event date and be in contact with solutions if there is any concern. There are generally 3 options:

  1. Run the event as planned and provide ponchos
  2. Change to an alternative indoor activity
  3. Postpone the event to another date within 3 months