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Go Remote

Go Remote

Top Outcomes

Team Bonding

Friendly Competition




No. of Participants

4 – unlimited


0.5 – 3 hours



About the program

With the remote workforce in full swing, Go Remote – and it’s associated mobile app – allows us to re-connect in a fun way across the globe. This allows teams and individuals to still link up in a social manner, ensuring they are not only able to survive, but also thrive in this ever changing world.

The power of Go Remote is in it’s flexibility in that it can be run in a multitude of ways to suit any organisation. Each individual will be sent a QR Code with some simple clear guidelines to download the App and from there the fun will begin.

Using simple household items individuals will be required to complete an array of tasks over a period of time. A Be Challenged briefing can then be delivered via video conference or through the app itself and our team is on hand throughout to assist as need be.

These challenges can all purely be based on fun, they could link into key company values or messaging or they could require people to connect with others in their team to complete specific tasks. The possibilities are endless and the value is immense as people can message each other through the app and also get an update on how they and others are proceeding.

Apart from being fun it can be a welcome distraction during what might be a tough time mentally for a lot of individuals as they come to grips with the many changes in the workplace.

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