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As we’ve graduated to the post, post-covid era it’s interesting to observe the hotly debated workplace trends that shifted in and out over the past few years.

One of the most interesting trends we have observed is the changing objective of the team offsite. For the most part of the past two decades the common ingredients of an offsite have been made of equal parts; team motivation, strategy and team dynamics.

In many companies there was even some clear seasonality to these. The beginning of the year focused more on motivation and getting people ready for the challenge ahead. Mid-year being generally very strategic focused, looking to keep efforts on track or align on a newfound direction. And lastly, the end of the year focused mainly around team dynamics.

What we’re observing now is a clear focus shift. Strategy is no longer the glue holding the team together. Instead, culture has climbed to the top as the key to keeping the team engaged. Covid pushed businesses to try and implement a sense of culture in a remote working world, and those that succeeded set the bar.

While the shifting of offsite’s focus from strategy to culture might be obvious in order to unite a more remote workforce, there could also be a more strategic driver for this.  Remote and hybrid work have not only had an impact on business culture, they are now strategic levers for businesses.

Many businesses use remote working as a strategic tool to efficiently enter new markets, offer more adaptable customer service and to tap into talent not otherwise available in their base region.

Whatever the underlying driver for focusing more on culture, we’re all for it. We constantly see, first hand, the power of creating a better relationship between team members and the brand they work for.

So, if you’re planning a team offsite, be sure to invest in culture focussed programs to bind the team together. Below are some of our most popular culture focused programs that can ensure you build stronger connections and better working relationships, no matter where your team members are based.

Be Challenged top 5 culture programs for offsites:

1) The Big Picture

2) Beat The Box

3) Chain Reaction

4) DiSC

5) 5BCT

If you are interested to learn more about these or any of our culture enhancing or offsite services, please get in touch.

Thanks for reading

Kingsley Seale, Joint Managing Director, Be Challenged

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