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Who: Large financial services company

What: Two team building events to connect and excite current and incoming graduate cohorts 

Event for 2019 and 2020 graduate cohorts: 

In order to maintain motivation, morale and engagement levels among existing graduates, this event was aimed at connecting individuals across the two cohorts to build relationships, have a fun and different experience, and collaborate with new people. Each team would consist of three people from the 2019 cohort and three from the 2020 cohort. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this event was unable to go ahead face-to-face.

Event for incoming 2021 graduate cohort:

Due to COVID-19, the new graduates for the 2021 program had never met each other face-to-face. Therefore, the goal for this team building event was to provide an opportunity for recruits to meet one another, have fun, and build a solid foundation prior to the commencement of the graduate program. This was also an opportunity to really excite graduates about their future careers at the company and welcome them to the team.  


While the original plan was to deliver the Go Team program at these events, Be Challenged pivoted to the virtual version, Go Remote, to accommodate remote working arrangements. 

While the delivery method changed, the aim of the events did not. It became even more important to provide the current and commencing cohorts with an opportunity to engage with each other and come together to have some light-hearted fun after what has been a truly challenging year.

Over a six week period Be Challenged delivered six team building challenges, each with slightly different goals and outcomes, that participants accessed via the Go Team app. Teams could choose from regularly scheduled time slots to best suit their schedules and each week a leaderboard revealed team progress and encouraged friendly competition. 

At the end of the six week all teams connected in a hybrid environment, some virtually and some back in the office due to eased restrictions, to reveal the overall champion and program highlights. 


The program was a great success and received glowing feedback from both participants and company organisers. The current graduates enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect after long periods of isolated work and incoming graduates were grateful for the chance to get to know each other and get excited about the commencement of their roles. 

Participant feedback:

“My favourite part of the challenge was being able to do things that I normally wouldn’t do with people that I had just met. Being able to build friendships outside of the workplace and not face to face was very surprising to me.”

“It was a great way to bond and get to know each other through all these challenges in a really fun environment.” 

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