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Who: Large, high profile Federal Government Department

What: Be Challenged was engaged to facilitate the “Group Activity” component of this Federal Government department’s 2021 Graduate Recruitment assessment centre, making it the fourth consecutive annual candidate assessment, among a series of team development programs delivered for this Department. However this year we had to deliver the program online.

Some of the key attributes the Department looks for in their graduates is their ability to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Engage team members
  • Show natural leadership qualities that promote inclusiveness.

Assessing these attributes requires an assessment activity where candidates almost ‘forget’ they are being assessed so their natural behaviours take effect.

Using proven processes to minimise the pre-rehearsed and standard reaction to group tasks and role plays, we can determine whether candidates will be to be a good cultural fit for an organisation.

The Group Activity is designed to highlight:

  • Dealing with pressure
  • Resilience
  • Adapting to change
  • Working together
  • Communication

COVID required that the entire assessment activity was conducted online while still maintaining the integrity and validity of the assessment. We needed to ensure accessibility to all candidates (both in Australia and overseas) and that the Virtual Team Building Program could run smoothly without compromising the stringent IT security standards of the Department.

What we delivered: This year we were asked to provide two unique online activities to suit two separate recruitment streams:

The Infinite Loop Virtual: The Infinite Loop provides a great platform for gamified learning, challenging team members with problem solving and decision making in real time.

The more precise the player in the virtual world is in describing problems, the faster the teammates in the real world find the solution. Interactive learning combined with continuous feedback and improvement sees teams solve problems in more efficient ways

It encourages teams to collaborate and develop efficient and effective success strategies and is a versatile and powerful tool for working through complex issues affecting modern organisations working with remote teams.

The Infinite Loop is truly original and provides a great shared experience for teams to thrive in this remote working environment

Peak Performance Virtual:

Peak Performance Virtual is an experiential learning simulation where teams develop skills to work effectively as a team. Peak Performance sees teams lead their guides and clients up to Mount Everest’s summit and return safely to base camp over a 20-day expedition.

Teams must consider many variables including weather conditions, altitude, icefall, routes and oxygen. They learn about working remotely as a team with an engaging theme that has relevant links to their work environment.

Key Assessable Measures:

  • Strategy and decision making
  • Project management
  • Managing risk and agile thinking
  • Cross functional communication
  • Leadership

Program Outcomes:

Over four days, nearly 300 candidates undertook the online assessment programs under the guidance of Be Challenged’s highly experienced facilitators.

The assessment scores from the virtual team activity are combined with other measures such as written tests, aptitude assessments and interviews to produce an ‘order of merit’ list from which candidates may be offered positions, based on departmental requirements.

What the Client Said

“We could never pull it off without the help, knowledge and professionalism of you and the team!  Looking forward to next year, we will keep our fingers crossed to fly you all to Canberra in 2022.” Assistant Director, Entry-Level Programs

“Right through from pitch to delivery, the team were prompt, reliable and solutions-focussed. The genuine passion the team have in wanting to help us recruit the right people has meant we have used Be Challenged four years in a row and will continue to do so.  We received wonderful feedback from the candidates, stating it was most the interesting, fun and engaging group activity they have ever done. Would highly recommend talking to the Be Challenged team for any solutions” Assistant Director, Entry-Level Programs

Next Steps:

The department is now looking for Be Challenged to host another group activity with a specific focus on engagement and networking for this new cohort as part of their induction program.

This engagement activity is delivered based on employee survey feedback from previous grad cohorts stating they are eager for opportunities to build long-lasting relationships between colleagues, graduate champions and department leaders at the beginning of their careers.

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