Five Quick Steps To Improving Employee Engagement

September 14, 2017

A report from Gallup shows that only 13% of employees across the globe are engaged in their work. This number is seriously concerning for businesses, at a time where employee retention is absolutely critical. With skilled employees becoming increasingly difficult to find, employee retention is the only way to guarantee that you keep critical skills within your business. However, engagement is a significant metric in determining an employee’s happiness and willingness to stay in the organisation, so when employee engagement is low, turnover tends to be high.
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The Difference Between A Leader And A Manager

September 14, 2017

“Leaders” and “managers” are both bosses; they have staff working underneath them, and ultimately their job is to make sure that their teams are adding value to the organisation and operating to peak efficiency and productivity.
But in the modern workplace, the “manager” has become something of a dirty word; it implies a boss that isn’t able to achieve true leadership. It’s someone who isn’t keeping up with the pace of the modern workplace environment, and critically, a “manager” isn’t seen as particularly inspiring – especially towards millennials.
So, what are the character traits that define a “leader”, rather than a “manager?” There are four character traits in particular, and everyone who has the responsibility for managing teams of people should consider developing these traits in order to be respected as a true leader within the organisation.

Leaders focus on people, not work

Running a team is a highly accountable job; the head of a team or business unit is accountable to their own bosses, right up to the CEO of an organisation, who is in turn accountable to the directors of the business, who are accountable to the shareholders. In each leadership position, the manager type will focus on the task or project that need to be done. Read more

Nine Critical Tips For Better Team Building

August 16, 2017

Having a successful business requires the employees to come together and work well as teams. The more cohesive and effective the team, the greater the productivity back into business. Building a successful team doesn’t just happen automatically, and nor is it a matter of hiring the right people (though that’s also important). Building an effective team requires work and initiative from management, as well as clear policies and investment, with clearly defined end goals to work towards.

There are nine key things to keep in mind in developing a team building strategy:
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Team building delivering value within the workplace

August 4, 2017

Team building delivering value within the workplace from Key Media on Vimeo.

Stu Robertson, CEO at Team Up Events says the traditional perception of team building is changing as organisations see the merits of using it as part of their employee engagement and development program. Robertson says team building is an important part of driving workplace culture, and can deliver real results.

CEO Magazine Feature

July 31, 2017

Be Challenged Featured In The CEO Magazine

Six years ago, Be Challenged Managing Director, Oliver Sheer, and Director of Operations, Kingsley Seale, purchased the company. Having been friends and colleagues through much of their life, the two realised that a missing part of many businesses is the ability for teams to work closely and collaboratively to drive greater results. Their story, and the growth of Be Challenged itself, was recently highlighted in the highly prestigious The CEO Magazine.

You can read the full and in-depth feature here:
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Company Team Building Games

June 28, 2017

An engaging way to improve productivity and morale

Games are not just entertaining; they are highly engaging, too. They inspire the mind, improve mood, and are one of the most natural ways in which humans learn things. One of the best things that you can do to help build your team morale, cohesion, and effectiveness is to take them on a company team building games session.

We offer a huge range of games programs. Each has been carefully designed to help the players – your staff – get to know one another and work productively in a group together. They’ll get a better sense of one another’s respective strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to complement the skill sets of everyone in the team.

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When did you last visit the Zoo?

February 17, 2015

If you haven’t been to the Zoo in a while then you are missing out! Not only is Taronga Zoo the best seat in the house to view magical Sydney Harbour but Be Challenged has just created the ultimate scavenger hunt around the Zoo using iPads and the new GPS app taking the world by storm called – Go Team.

If you are looking for the latest, interactive, hot of the press idea then Go Team is the product for you. With the flexibility to design and create trails anywhere around the world, Go Team has been a breath of fresh air to the Be Challenged creative team and a welcome new option to their clients.

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How Many Friends Do You Have?

December 18, 2014

I was recently watching a segment about Facebook on the ABC and as you can imagine there were a number of differing views and opinions on the position that social media plays in our lives.

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Australia’s Best Place To Work!

October 8, 2014

How do you create the best place to work? Learning from the team at Atlassian, who just took out the number 1 spot on the BRW Best Place To Work list for 2014, my first response would be don’t preserve your culture: add to it!

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