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Typically, businesses will prioritise team building in an effort to strengthen workplace culture, often overlooking individual growth and the critical role that it plays in building the individual foundations for a strong culture.

While building team unity is the central tenet of our organisation, we focus on much more than team building. To create high performing teams you need to give equal focus to individual empowerment which is where our facilitated workshops are focused.

In an increasingly technology-driven world, interpersonal skills require continued focus and while not all of our facilitated workshops focus solely on this, it is an underlying theme across many of our programs.

Investing in skill development is also a key factor in retention, while building new skills is valuable, having your team feel that their future self is valued, much like the future state of an organisation, is a powerful way to build engagement.

Our facilitated workshops are typically 1-3 hours in duration and can be run both in-person or via video conference.

Here are our top 5 programs that will help build you a stronger team.

Change Management
Change in the workplace is inevitable, yet resistance can stem from not understanding why it’s necessary or how to navigate through it. Our Change Management Workshop aims to educate participants on how to navigate initial responses, understand the reasons behind necessary changes and how to move forward. You’ll learn communication protocols to help drive psychologically safe discussions, followed by a guided group exploration through a change management model. By reflecting on how different team members handle disruptions and setting goals for future change management, we empower teams to embrace change.

Critical and Creative Thinking
Blending critical and creative thinking is a great opportunity for growth as both an individual and as part of your organisation. This workshop addresses the challenges of effective problem-solving by giving you techniques to cultivate a mindset geared towards innovative and logical thinking. By combining the Socratic method with modern brainstorming techniques, learn to reframe challenges, uncover biases, and develop versatile cognitive tools for personal and professional development. Participants will acquire an enriched toolkit for creative innovation and sharper analytical acumen, empowering them to make more informed decisions and drive innovation.

Tackling Difficult Conversations in the Workplace
Challenging conversations in the workplace are bound to happen, yet many people shy away due to lack of confidence or fear of negative outcomes. This workshop provides a comprehensive approach to handling tough talks effectively. By exploring Donna Hicks’ Dignity Framework, participants are equipped with strategies for maintaining respect and dignity for all involved, while also learning the importance of engaging in difficult dialogues versus the consequences of avoiding them. Armed with empathy, resolution skills and strategic communication techniques, individuals can transform tough talks into opportunities for enhancing workplace culture and creating a more respectful and productive work environment for everyone.

Growth Mindset
Adopting a growth mindset can transform your potential and those you manage, by learning from criticism and embracing challenges. Our Growth Mindset Workshop features interactive and role-playing exercises to master resilience and empowerment, and creates effective feedback mechanisms to support learning and development. Embracing this shift not only empowers you but also cultivates an environment where talent can grow, leading to increased innovation, resilience, and open-mindedness within the workplace.

Psychological Safety in the Workplace
The Psychological Safety in the Workplace Workshop guides you through the principles that underpin psychological safety and teaches you how to weave these into the fabric of your daily interactions. This workshop aims to provide insights into creating an inclusive environment and supporting individual wellbeing. After some experiential learning, you will learn to put theory into practice, supported by a reflective debrief to solidify your learning. By taking these proactive measures, organisations can foster a culture where everyone feels their voice is valued and heard.

While these are our most popular, we pride ourselves on putting together the most tailored solution possible for our clients. If you have a challenge, we’re here to help you overcome it. Please get in touch today!

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