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As we approach the end of a long and challenging year, it’s more important than ever to thank and reward staff for their hard work and re-establish workplace connections that may have suffered through extended periods of remote or isolated work.  

Christmas and end of year conferences may look a little different this year, with some uncertainty remaining around what office and working arrangements will look like by December. Restrictions on group gatherings, reduced venue capacities, and strict rules around singing, dancing and mingling also pose significant challenges in some states. 

The show can go on

Despite ongoing uncertainties, businesses should plan to go ahead with Christmas and end of year celebrations. More than ever, staff need to feel valued and re-energised, Keep the Buzz, and collectively shed the stresses of 2020.

Whether you are planning a virtual, face-to-face, indoor or outdoor celebration, Be Challenged has a program for everyone and can assist in balancing face-to-face team building exercises with relevant physical distancing restrictions. 

All programs adhere to the Be Challenged COVIDsafe Program Offering and Events Framework. 

Be Challenged Programs

Virtual Programs

Virtual or hybrid events may be the best option for businesses operating in states with strict COVID restrictions or across multiple states. Large businesses who may not be able to congregate due to social distancing measures can also benefit from virtual programs.

Indoor Programs

Businesses can still enjoy face-to-face indoor team building programs, which have been adapted to accommodate COVIDSafe Guidelines.  

Outdoor Programs

Outdoor programs provide a safe and socially distanced environment to reconnect team members and are a great alternative to traditional indoor Christmas functions. Outdoor activities also provide several mental and physical health benefits

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