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BeChallenged collaborate with 32 other team building partners around the world to be the leaders in creating, delivering and maintaining happy and effective teams so trust me, we know team building.

The world, economy, technology, and cultures… are constantly changing. With this team building has also changed, evolved and even revolutionised itself.

Team building has nothing to do with abseiling, rope courses or closing your eyes and falling backwards. Rather, new age Team Building must consist of 3 key elements:

  1. Fun – this is your initial motivator or engagement element. It could be as simple as being outdoors and engaged by ‘fun’ activities such as building and racing a Flat Out Formula 1 Car. The fun element is important to ensure participants are engaged and displaying natural behaviours.
  2. 100% inclusive – you need to be aware of your demographic and team make up. Every team is different and there are certain programs which will work better for each team. If your team building supplier is talking ideas, concepts and programs before they know your team make up then unfortunately you are talking to the wrong person.
    Just like in the work place there should be a number of roles and responsibilities accessible to each team member throughout the event. For example there may be the opportunity for 1 or 2 team members to get a little physical whilst the other members are adding to the team’s success in other ways.
  3. Objective or outcome – You need to answer the WHY, and most importantly make sure that this is passed on to the participants on the day. The program outcome could be as simple as ‘to have fun’, ‘break up the day’ or as complex as ‘establishing inter-department communication.’ Regardless, knowing what you are trying to achieve and sharing it with the team is vital to establishing a committed long term strategy or vision.

When it all boils down there is no one size fits all approach to team building. Build a relationship with a team building expert to ensure what you are delivering is fun, 100% inclusive and meets your objectives.

Team Building is powerful…trust me, we know!

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