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Now, more than ever, we have a new generation of workforce who isn’t driven solely by the corporate dollar.

The new generation wants to enjoy life, they want to build positive relationships, they want to belong to and be a part of a team. With work being such a huge part of employees lives, the more a company can do to make an employee’s time at work enjoyable and rewarding, the more likely they are to achieve long term success.

For this very reason team building is vital in every organisational culture. Every team should have their own culture and every team member needs to find a culture that meets their values. For many companies, the major problem is that they are actually suffering from an identity crisis. We work with hundreds of teams every year and you can tell within the first 5 minutes of meeting them what type of culture they have or if they have one at all. When you ask the team members from the companies with strong distinct cultures how long they have been working there you receive responses of 10, 15, 20 years. You can feel, hear and see the success.

We have been working directly with one particular client over the last 12 months to initiate a culture adjustment within their team. During the pulse checks with the employees the number one response was that the company provided variety at work and also gave employees the opportunity to interact with those in the business that were not directly in their team. Having a structured, long term vision when building a team’s culture like this has created a more positive environment and thus a more productive and enjoyable workplace. These team members have increased their enjoyment, the team managers now have a clear focus on the culture they are creating and the company has a longer lasting, more productive workforce.

Team building is being used in more ways than you can imagine, improving organisational cultures around the world… Why? Because it works!

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