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Who:  A Leading Advertising Agency (400 staff across New South Wales and Victoria)

What: Be Challenged supported a leading advertising agency in launching their new Sales Strategy. The client’s regional sales conferences in both NSW and Victoria used the principles of a successful Formula 1 Pitt Crew. Each 2-day conference was held offsite and focused on:

  • Clearly defining their roles and responsibilities
  • Understanding how roles intersect and affect others
  • Aligning staff with a shared vision.

Each of the offsites was designed to supplement the Formula 1 analogy. So Be Challenged Flat Out Formula 1 Program was the obvious choice.

End-to-end support – before, during and after the conference

Be Challenged were engaged by the agency before, during and after event to assist with:

  • Engagement before the conference
  • Customising the event and deciding how to position the Program alongside the Sales Strategy meeting
  • Re-engagement of staff after the offsite.

Before the conference  

After the event was announced to staff, the Be Challenged team helped design several pre-event engagements. These engagements included:

  • Teasers to staff regarding the overall Formula 1 theme
  • Announcing the teams before the event
  • Encouraging teams to build their own identity
  • Explaining how the offsite was linked to the agency’s Sales Strategy.

These pre-event engagements created a buzz ahead of the offsite and ensured the day itself was one to remember.

During the conference

The Flat Out Formula 1 Program was incredibly well received on the day. Thanks to the pre-event engagements, participants fully understood why they were performing the activity and how it linked into the overall theme of the offsite.

After the conference

A fully built company-branded Flat Out Formula 1 car was delivered to each office after the event. Each car provided a physical reminder of the experience on the day and ensured that the Sales Strategy was top of mind for staff.

Client quote:  

“The conference was invaluable to staff and that the Flat Out Formula 1 Program played a key role in staff retaining the overall messaging of the Sales Strategy.”

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