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Who: KPMG (110 staff attended)

What: Financial Services giant KPMG commissioned Be Challenged to run a ‘Christmas in July themed’ event to celebrate their End of Financial Year. KPMG wanted to reward and re-energise staff  with something different from the traditional sit-down.

The focus was to connect staff from different teams within a social setting. A 90-minute team activity was organised to get staff engaged ahead of a late lunch.

The venue’s picturesque Outdoor space  was to be used for the activity itself. The decision was made to use the Be Challenged Quickfire Program – an app-based team building game – but with some key customisations:

  • Everything would be ‘Christmas in July themed’ including props, the app itself and all the challenges
  • Both Indoor and Outdoor spaces would be used to maximise the venue
  • Company and team specific content would be incorporated into the app.

The day itself was a great success. Staff were assigned into random groups and spent 75-minutes working their way through several activities accompanied by some classic Christmas hits. After the allotted time, the best photos and videos were showcased. Finally, the winners were announced before a free-seating lunch.

Client quote:

“It was great to see staff engaged in conversation with a wide range of colleagues with who they might not normally spend time with. Friendships were expanded and bonds were built.”

Christmas in July 2020

The end of financial year upon us and many employees have been working in isolation for the past few months. Now is the ideal time to organise Christmas in July style activities to reward staff for their hard work and to re-establish workplace connections – something the staff need now more than ever.

Be Challenged can assist in balancing team building with the social distancing restrictions in place. The Quickfire Program as well as many other Be Challenged Programs can be run virtually, as a live event or as a hybrid.

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