eight team building trends we are seeing right now
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2020 has been a challenging year for organisations who have fought to maintain connection and engagement among staff in a remote working environment. 

The delivery, size and content of team building programs and events have changed significantly to account for travel and social distancing restrictions, a renewed focus on organisational fun and positivity, and the move towards virtual recruitment, training and management processes.  

Let’s take a look at eight team building trends we are seeing right now. 

1. Regional team building destinations: Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, there has been a significant increase in regional team building events. With restricted movement, no planes and no airports, many companies have opted to support local communities that were hit hard in 2020 by bushfires and COVID-19.

2. Virtual delivery: Currently around 85 percent of Be Challenged’s programs are being delivered virtually. Virtual team building programs must  avoid trying to replicate the experience of face-to-face events. While virtual activities still aim to connect and engage staff, the execution is significantly different. Check out Be Challenged’s virtual programs.

3. Hybrid programs: State-by-state social distancing regulations in Australia have seen the rise of hybrid team building programs that allow for the connection of multiple teams across state lines. Melbourne staff members in lockdown can participate remotely and have the same experience as teams who have returned to their offices in other cities. The success of hybrid programs hinges on the selection of the correct product. Check out Be Challenged’s hybrid programs.

4. Event size: While face-to-face event sizes may have decreased, the size of virtual programs has increased. Stripped of travel barriers, companies have been able to connect and engage with more of their employees at the same time than ever, not only in their home country but on a global scale.

5. Increased focus on positivity and celebration: 2020 has prompted an increased organisational focus on celebration, positivity, fun and keeping the team connected during periods of isolation, uncertainty, restructures and redundancies.

6. Recruitment and onboarding processes: Companies and job seekers have had to adapt to new virtual recruitment processes and 85 percent of organisations are now using new technology to remotely onboard employees. Managers are challenged to provide new employees with the same level of training and connection to company culture as in-person onboarding processes would.

7. Graduate assessment changes: Graduate recruitment programs have traditionally prioritised assessment tools and aptitude tests, however there is increasing  contention around the correlation between high test results and high performing graduates. Increasingly, observing applicants in team environments and experiential activities is being used to assess social and collaborative skills.

8. Using professionals not DIY: With many businesses currently unable to deliver even casual team building outings like bowling or movies, and facing the challenges of trying to run DIY virtual team building programs, they are increasingly relying on professional providers like Be Challenged. 

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