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If you are reading this, you probably want to broaden your knowledge around team building, leadership, business management, and HR.

However, in a digital world, it is often difficult to filter the noise and find the resources that offer truly valuable insight.

To assist, we have narrowed it down to 18 of the most interesting resources, categorised further by global resources, Australian media, associations and news sites, and Australian events. Go forth and expand your mind!

Global Resources

Atlassian Work Life

With an incredible 4.6 out of 5 stars from 879 reviews, and as a regular podium finisher in a variety of “best places to work” lists, it is fair to say that Atlassian knows a thing or two about team building.

Thankfully, they are keen to share their model with the world with a great range of teamwork resources, Team Playbooks, team building articles, and their popular Teamistry Podcast.

Hello Monday

When you are LinkedIn’s Senior Editor at Large, you would have a limitless pool of amazing talent and topics to cover.

Jessi Hempel’s is just that and her Hello Monday podcast interviews renowned guests on the changing nature of work, how work is changing us, and importantly, how to prepare for and adapt to the future of work.

Harvard Business Review

Few will be a stranger to the Harvard Business Review (HBR), however many may be unaware of the vast variety of team building and leadership resources available under its umbrella.

From the HBR website, to the magazine, and a variety of podcasts covering a range of different topics including leadership, team building, tech, and more, there is an MBA-worth of high-quality resources available.

Masters of Scale

LinkedIn Co-founder, Reid Hoffman’s Masters of Scale podcast analyses how great entrepreneurs grow their companies to success.

It interviews famous founders and leaders to understand the successful strategies, concepts, and simple hacks that can help make your business a success story.

Tim Ferris Show

While anyone who advocates for only working four hours a week may not sound like the ultimate team player, Tim’s globally renowned entrepreneur blog, books and podcast look at business efficiencies and extracting the most from life, and are worth subscribing to.

Asana Team Management

When your business is focused on delivering solutions for virtual project management, collaboration, and digital team management solutions, you probably had a pretty good 2020-21.

And as the world increasingly embraces virtual and hybrid working models and digital transformation, Asana is helping businesses adapt with a wealth of work and team management resources, an excellent blog and their Wavelength teams publication.

Running Remote

This dedicated remote working event, blog and podcast has a variety of remote working resources, tools, and templates to help business leaders build and manage their remote workforce.

While it may not have the following or depth of information that some of the other resources we have listed, its dedicated remote work focus means it made the cut.

Mind Tools

This career and management learning portal has a huge content pool of audio, video, forums, infographics, applications, and insights designed to help you navigate your working life.

While the website works on a subscription model of $38 per month, they also have a blog and strong social media presence with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Be Challenged Buzz

OK so we may be biased, however we work incredibly hard to ensure the Be Challenged Buzz and associated resources offer a range of team building and leadership insights to help you build a high-performing team.

Australian Media, Associations and News Sites

Human Resources Director

The Australian-based website, resources and associated events are a pillar of Australia’s human resources (HR) media and communications.

Regular topics covered include change management, corporate wellness, employee engagement, employment law, HR technology, WHS, recruitment and more.

HR Daily

This independent HR news website operates on a freemium model and offers an excellent variety of valuable content for the HR professional, such as engagement and culture, leadership, performance management, procedural fairness, recruitment, termination and more.

Human Resources Monthly

Owned and run by the Australian HR Institute, Human Resource Monthly includes a print magazine, and associated online news site.

The site contains news, resources and information for human resource professionals and workplace leaders, while the magazine is free to members or available by subscription for $175 for 11 issues.


MICENET is a go-to source for the latest Australian news around meetings, incentives, conferences, and events (MICE).

With a bi-monthly magazine and associated news site dedicated to business events information, you can keep up to date with industry news, opinions, inspiration and ideas.

Meetings and Events Australia (MEA) Association

The association for Australian events professionals and the events industry, MEA offers a range of resources to support those working in events, or those looking to hire an events professional.

From accredited courses to a jobs portal and their regarded Evolve awards, there is something for everyone.


MEA Evolve | Melbourne | 7-8 September 2021

The association’s coveted Evolve awards will focus on three key topics in 2021: best practice events management, ways to build confidence in events, and the future of the events industry.

2021 Melbourne HR Summit | 14–15 July 2021

Bringing together senior Australian HR professionals to share strategies, ideas and discuss challenges, this two-day face-to-face summit will discuss topics such as managing a hybrid workforce, redesigning the employee experience, and supporting mental wellbeing.

Australian HR Awards | Sydney | 3 September 2021

Designed to showcase the leading HR teams, leaders, programs, and initiatives that raised the bar over the past year, the Australian HR Awards are a leading independent awards event in the HR profession.

HR Tech Summit | Sydney | 8 September 2021

With technology and digital transformation hot on everyone’s lips right now, the 2021 HR Tech Summit will cover creating a collaborative hybrid work culture, as well as people analytics. Panel discussions, tech talks and presentations will feature renowned speakers from Google, Spotify, QBE and more.

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