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Remote Infinite Loop

Remote Infinite Loop

Top Outcomes

Real-time Communications

Continuous Improvement

Problem Solving



No. of Participants

4 – unlimited


1 – 2 hours



About the program

Infinite Loop starts with an online briefing and video before participants are invited to join the Infinite Loop online portal with their team. From here their task becomes simple, they need to save John Doe from the Virtual World using the various pieces of information given to them.

Each individual will be logged in and connected to their team through the online portal so that as they make in-roads in the game the screen will shift to a different team member taking the lead and driving the progress and communication.

As well as this, while each person has access to various pieces of information, no one has everything so they will need to communicate quickly and efficiently to ensure they get the best results.

Remote Infinite Loop provides a great platform for gamified learning, challenging team members on problem solving and decision making in real time while also allowing them to connect and work with their colleagues in a fun and unique environment.

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