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DiSC Remote Profiling

DiSC Remote Profiling

Top Outcomes

Improves Team Dynamics

Cross Functional Communication

Break Down Silos



No. of Participants

2 – 10


1.5 – 3 hours



About the program

DiSC Remote Profiling is a brilliant tool that allows team members to gain self-awareness about key needs they might have and the potential behaviours which follow. Secondary to this is the understanding around their colleagues and why they act, think and behave the way they do.

Prior to the online workshop individuals will be sent an individual login to allow them to complete their DiSC questionnaires. Then on the day of the workshop, participants will login online to get their learning on the DiSC principles, working with one of our Facilitators, before being given access to their individual report which they will work through together online in real time, sharing thoughts and discussion along the way.

During these interesting times when almost the entire workforce has been thrust, relatively unprepared, into remote working, this knowledge will be crucial to a team’s success. Getting a greater understanding for what people’s needs are, and how best to work towards them, will ensure a team continues to thrive in this new environment.

Even if you have done DiSC, a follow up can be beneficial as we apply that knowledge to the virtual working environment. The better your team and individuals are able to cope in this environment the less disruption to the business and the stronger you will be once the clouds clear.

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