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Hole in One

Hole in One

Top Outcomes

Stimulates creativity

Project planning

Time management



No. of Participants

18 – Unlimited


2 – 2.5 hours



About the program

Golf has always been a popular sport for business networking, be it on the fairway or in the conference room. We’ve turned this venerable sport into a fun and engaging mini version that allows everyone to get involved in a meaningful way.

Using a selection of canned and non-perishable food items, teams design a mini golf course. They are challenged with the task of making each hole fun, tricky and conceptually different. Each team is also responsible for designing and constructing their own putter. Once construction is complete the teams play in a mini golf tournament! Following the event, the canned goods and non-perishable items used in construction are donated to local charity.

Hole in One is a high energy activity where everyone gets involved in all aspects from answering challenge questions, creative design and building the course to having a go on the green. Creativity and ingenuity are sparked. Communication and project management skills are drawn on as they design their mini golf course. Participants have fun and feel great giving!

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