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At Be Challenged, we value the opportunity to partner with schools around Australia in the delivery of programs for staff and for students. Our programs can be aligned to the strategic goals of your school and are designed to enhance cohesiveness, communication and collaboration amongst any members of a school community.
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Our staff programs reinforce the value of working as a cohesive team. Participants in Be Challenged staff programs break down barriers and silo mentalities, all the while boosting well-being and reminding themselves of their personal strengths.

We can design and deliver:

  • Programs to promote team building and to support culture, aligned to the values of your school
  • Opportunities to foster the well-being of staffand boost team morale through fun, strengths based, interactive programs
  • Activities which foster creative and critical thinking, acting as springboards for productive strategic planning days
  • Energising facilitation of large scale events, staff professional development opportunities and conferences–either on-site or off-site
  • Collaborative design and delivery of new staff induction days

Our student programs are closely mapped to the general capabilities and serve to enhance skills in collaboration, critical thinking and creative thinking. It’s ‘learning in disguise’ for students of all ages! Participants have fun, while learning the value of challenge, communication with others and determination to achieve a goal.

We can design and deliver:

  • Programs to promote team building and to support culture, aligned to the values of your school
  • Bespoke programs designed according to the needs of your school’s curricular and co-curricular programs
  • Enrichment opportunities to challenge gifted and talented students, who thrive from differentiated learning opportunities
  • Programs mapped to the General Capabilities, as identified by The New South Wales Education Standards Authority
  • Programs to support key milestones in your school calendar, such as orientation days, leadership inductions and transitions to new stages of schooling
  • A strengths based approach which assists students to become empowered and self-confident people
“Thank you for organising such a fun, light-hearted experience for us to get to know our colleagues better, as well as mix with staff we don’t know as well. The program was well planned and I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time!”
– Staff program participant, Regents Park State School


“For the past 5 years, Be Challenged has supported my staff to kick start the school year with fun, laughter, healthy competition but most importantly helping support my team building philosophy. I know when I contact Be Challenged I am looked after from start to finish. My staff look forward every year to see what amazing Team Building challenge we are undertaking.” 
– Principal, Musgrave Hill State School

The unexpected benefits of being uncomfortable when prioritising growth

As an educator, you would be familiar with the anxiety some students feel as they struggle to learn a new skill or concept. This positive discomfort leads to growth and is an essential part of the learning process. How can we as teachers encourage students to embrace this discomfort? Do we embrace positive discomfort?

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Seven Principles of Effective Team Building in Education

In recent years, the importance of team culture has become clearer for many. Traditionally much of the focus had been on collaboration and team outcomes, however post covid, many have also realised the profound impact team culture has on the wellbeing and motivation of individuals.

Striking the right mix of individual and team focuses is crucial. This forms the basis for our seven principles of effective team building.

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Knox Grammar – Leadership Development Day

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