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Who: Monash University (Faculty of Information Technology)

What: Customised virtual student engagement activity

Longstanding Be Challenged client, Monash University originally booked a fully customised Go Team program to deliver an innovative student welcome activity for 700 commencing students.

The goal was to provide every student the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the university, connect with their peers and engage with faculty specific messages in an exciting and fun, challenge-based experience.

Unfortunately, Coronavirus and the ensuing government restrictions meant the program could not run as planned and required Be Challenged to pivot to the virtual version of their Go Team program: Go Remote.

While the delivery method changed, the aim of the event did not. It became even more important to provide commencing students with an opportunity to engage with each other and come together to have some light-hearted fun in what has been a difficult time.

The program delivery saw a variety of challenges, from creative, physical, problem solving and Monash University specific. Popular challenges included the lip sync battle and body percussion.

And because content, messaging and branding is fully customisable in Go Remote, the Faculty of Information Technology was ultimately able to control delivery to ensure it was on brand.

Participant Quotes: 

“Thankyou! This was a much-needed stress buster that took my mind off the current situation and brought out my competitive side!”

Ha ha, much needed fun! Adrenaline rush.”

“This was so much fun! All madness!”

“What a good break from reality!” 

Client Quote: “The large-scale impact and disruption to our planned engagement activities meant we needed to quickly change the way we engage with our students. Within one 15-minute phone call with the BeChallenged team, we were confident that transitioning our face-to-face event to a virtual version would not only be possible, it would be fantastic!

Being able to provide an opportunity for our students to let their hair down, have some fun and bring a smile to their faces in such a difficult situation was amazing to be apart of. Thank you for helping our students take their minds off, albeit briefly, what is such a challenging time.”

Nicole Frankel, Student Engagement Manager, Faculty of Information Technology, Monash Univeristy.

Next Steps: Given the success of the Go Remote program, the Faculty of Information Technology at Monash University are expanding the delivery of Virtual Team Building programs with Virtual Trivia, again customised to their brand and delivered through Be Challenged’s Go Team App.

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