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Who: Senior Federal Government Department

What: Engaging, fun and memorable onboarding program

Off the back of several successful team development and candidate assessment programs, Be Challenged were engaged to improve the Department’s mandatory and self-confessed ‘bland’ onboarding program, while ensuring specific learning outcomes around three crucial areas:

  • WHS
  • Security
  • Records management

This new approach was viewed as a risk by many internally given it was well “outside the norm” for the Department.

The program we delivered:

Working closely with the Department we incorporated their key onboarding content into our Quickfire Program, a competitive app-based team building game.

Teams were required to complete as many mental, creative and physical challenges as they can within a given timeframe to maximise their points and out-perform other teams.

Challenges take a variety of forms, from photo, video, single answer, multiple choice, logic puzzles and more, to help deliver key onboarding content in an engaging format and drive information retention.

Outcome: The pilot Quickfire induction program was very well received with excellent feedback received from participants and the program’s advocates within the Department. It has since become part of the Department’s regular ongoing induction program, delivered by Be Challenged.

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