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With an estimated 20% of the workforce now working remotely in some capacity, it’s fair to say that end-year-year work parties are far from what they used to look like. As we move more permanently into a hybrid working world, it’s important to ensure everyone feels included and are given the opportunity to kick back and enjoy a memorable end-of-year celebration, even if there can’t be at HQ. 

While many of us are already all too familiar with working remotely, organising and participating in an online event that is designed purely for enjoyment, rather than for work-focused reasons, requires a completely different approach.

A physical element of some variety is key to creating a sense of experience. It can be anything from a recipe and ingredients to cook a dish together, a cocktail-making kit or even a gift basket. The physicality brings a real sense of connection and shared fun to the event itself, as well as a generator of anticipation & excitement in the lead-up to the event.

Engagement is, of course, a fundamental part of a successful event, virtual or not, and situations that promote collaboration or a shared experience can contribute massively to this. Encouraging all participants to have their cameras on, as well as utilising two-way communication tools help facilitate conversation and laughter, when combined with the physical aspect. 

With these principles in mind, here are 10 out-of-the-box ideas that you and your remote team could try this festive season:

Virtual Secret Santa – Set a small budget, randomly assign, then open gifts one by one

Trivia – Allocate a charismatic MC and ask Christmas themed or fun questions about your colleagues.

Build a Gingerbread House – Send all attendees a kit and vote on the most beautifully decorated with most votes winning a prize.

Christmas Dress Up Competition – An easy competition to add into any event. Silliness is encouraged!

Sip & Paint (in Paint or with a physical kit) – Find a step-by-step art video and follow along. Bob Ross videos on YouTube are always a winner!

Cookie Decorating Competition – Send out a kit, decorate together and then vote for the best. 

Virtual Cheese or Wine Tasting – Taste a range of wines or cheese together one by one and discuss everyone’s favourite.

Drop in Comedian, Singer or Entertainer – Hire a professional for a drop-in show.

Virtual Yoga – Dial in a yoga teacher and do a class (with a beer in hand if it’s that kind of class!).   

Online Cooking Class – Have groceries delivered and have everyone follow the recipe. Then enjoy a delicious meal together.

At Be Challenged we’ve designed and honed a diverse range of fun-focused virtual team-building events to cater for remote teams of all shapes and sizes. Check out the range of programs here.

Lean on us to bring the energy and fun to your end-of-year virtual event.  Or, bring us in to kick things off and get the team engaged and full of energy for you to then bring to life one of the ideas above.

Either way, with some forward-thinking we’re confident you can pull off a virtual end-of-year event to rival the real thing.


Thanks for reading. We’ll post this article on LinkedIn and we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oliver Sheer

Managing Director, Be Challenged

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