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You hear it everywhere, NO MORE power point slides, we need to create interactive sessions. I mean everyone seemed to agree at the latest MEA conference when Eric De Groot said we need to make our meetings full of participants, NOT audiences.

I personally know from previous discussions with many event planners that this change in thinking into the gamification world is out of their comfort zone but for those who have made the jump like, Julie McGraw from GEMS, the ROI has been significantly noticed.

I feel with most of us the intent is there but still here at BeChallenged we walk into meeting rooms every day with your presenter up the front clicking away. Maybe the biggest problem we all have with gamification is the HOW?

A recent team building program we ran for CGU Insurance and their Leadership Forum 2014 was The Big Picture.

Objective: To create discussion about the possibilities of the future, how good leadership occurs and how to collaborate.

15 teams were armed with 30 canvases, some paints and the challenge to create a masterpiece.

Outcomes drawn from participating in the activity:

  • The creation of an image that was well above anyone’s expectations and therefore the absolute connection to imagining the possibilities.
  • The change in mind set from competitive to collaborative and the behaviours that came from this change.
  • A total networking experience. One of the main reasons we all come along to conference.

Outcomes drawn from the image that was painted:

  • Diversity – represented by the people, different genders, age and backgrounds
  • Big Picture thinking – represented by the words ‘Big Picture’
  • CGU’s Range of clients – City, Home & Farm landscape
  • Focus Forward & Success – Climbers climbing the mountain & those already at the top
  • Complex World we live in – The Variety of colours, shapes & images
  • Partnership – Two people canoeing, a canoe rowed by one person goes around in circles
  • Where ‘The Big Picture Began’ – Queenstown backdrop

Gamification delivers a higher ROI because it hits the three big outcomes of conferences and events, engagement, delivering content and promotes networking. Change you way of thinking into what is going to be the future of conferences and events.

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