Improving Workplace Wellness
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All business owners want their workers to be healthy and happy so they can perform at their best. But have you ever considered the role that team building challenges can play in workplace wellness?

A healthy recommendation

Be Challenged recently received some wonderful recognition for our work in improving workplace culture and employee happiness. A well-respected provider of corporate health insurance plans – Bupa Corporate, featured us in an article on their blog, about ideas for improving wellness in the workplace. We have been talking about the positive effects of team building for a long time, and it was lovely to be featured in the “Inspiring Ideas for Workplace Wellness” article, as it really puts team building on the map as one of the ways you can improve the health and well-being of your employees.

Why team building works

In the workplace, we meet barriers every day. There is a natural hierarchy, and many employees can find it difficult to communicate their ideas to those who rank more highly than them.

Team building breaks down these barriers – everyone is taken out of the work environment, and in a new setting, everyone is equal. Everyone has a part to play in solving the challenges, so communication between all participants is essential, no matter where you fit in the usual workplace structure.

This makes colleagues bond more easily with each other and feel more confident interacting with co-workers at all levels, leading to a happier and more open workplace culture that fosters motivation and success. It also improves the mental well-being and self-esteem of your employees, increasing job satisfaction and loyalty. This has a vital role to play in producing results for your business – the better your workers feel, the more effort they will be willing to put in for the company.

The possibilities of team building really are endless – contact us to find out more.

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