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Top Outcomes

Collaborative problem solving

Forge new connections

Boost meeting energy



No. of Participants

12 – 80


1.5 hours



About the program

SYNERGYK is a series of “Hall Games” played in a conference room. Participants are assigned to a team table, and the host guides the teams via a series of audio-visual media through a series of minigames. Interactions with the game are done via electronic components such as buttons, joysticks, or LEDs, creating a unique user experience. The different minigames, which combine puzzles, coordination, and other skills, give every player a chance to use their abilities and have a great time. The 8-bit music and the minigames’ style have a nostalgic 80s feel.

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About the program

The night before, a young man bought a virtual reality headset from a suspicious company named “The Odyssey”. While trying the new headset, he was suddenly physically absorbed into the virtual world of the game.


The team’s mission is to go back and forth between the virtual and real worlds, finding clues to aid in retrieving the young man, and to help him return to the real world. One team member at a time wears the VR headset to describe the virtual world, while the teammates in the real world have the solutions, comprised of set of lock modules, which open the doors of different rooms using the White Hats Guide Book.


The Infinite Loop is a strong lean management business game, based on real-time collaboration, and real-time communication. The more precise the player in the virtual world is in describing the problem, the faster the teammates in the real world find the solution. Interactive learning, combined with continuous feedback, and improvement, makes the teams solve problems in more efficient ways. The Infinite Loop is a versatile, and powerful tool for debriefing on complex issues affecting modern businesses working with remote teams, employing agile methodologies.

Photos & videos

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