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Psychological Safety in the Workplace – Workshop

Psychological Safety in the Workplace - Workshop

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1-1.5 hours



About the program

A highly thought-provoking workshop on Psychological Safety in the Workplace.

How It Works

Participants of this program will develop knowledge and understanding of the concept of psychological safety and the importance of psychological safety in the workplace.

They will understand the benefits to an individual of feeling psychologically safe in the workplace, as well as the benefits to an organisation in terms of staff retention and productivity.

Participants will also learn the actions they can take to uphold both their own psychological safety, and the psychological safety of their peers in the workplace.

Participants will develop a knowledge and understanding of:

  • Benefits of feeling psychologically safe in the workplace
  • The benefits to their organisation in terms of staff retention and productivity
  • Help uphold their peer’s psychological safety in the workplace

This workshop is best paired with a Be Challenged experiential program.

Learning outcomes

The communication principles of this initial workshop will then be applied to an experiential Be Challenged program, before a facilitator will then debrief about participant experience and application of the content from the workshop.

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About the program

An alternative Olympiad providing sport for all. A celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world.

How It Works

The group divides into two opposing tribes and numerous sub-teams within each. First, team create their own bespoke tribal regalia. Dressed to impress, each team then rotates through a circuit of ‘quests’, competing head to head with teams from the opposing tribe. Points accumulated by the teams contribute to their tribe’s total score. In the closing ceremony teams face-off for a Haka showdown. The team with the highest points is declared the winner!

Key Business Benefits

  • Talent management
  • Group cohesion
  • Team motivation
  • Strategy & communication

Learning outcomes

Participants are introduced to unusual traditional sports in a way that encourages participation, inclusion and mutual respect. Designed to set the pulse racing, this healthy experience develops team dynamics while having fun!

Strategy is key to success as the rules enable teams to play to their strengths, resting chosen players during some challenges in order to reserve strength for their preferred quests.

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