Coronavirus Remote Team Building Silver Lining
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The MICE industry is one of those most devastated by the rapid spread of the coronavirus, with Be Challenged also feeling the full force of this disruption.

However, we want to reassure our staff, customers, industry partners and other stakeholders that we are absolutely committed to the continued support of the industry. 

The long-term success of our recently-booming team building business remains a sure thing. The tide will turn, and when it does, we will still be here Buzzing as strong as ever.

In the meantime, we have a strong remote team building offering, including our Go Remote App and tailored digital program solutions. 

However, we also understand that cash flow is tight, so are offering a range of FREE remote team building programs, tools and resources as well as a FREE coaching session for businesses who need help or advice. Contact us to learn more.    

Remote team engagement is critical – now and in the future

Understandably nearly all conferences, meetings and events in the next few months have been postponed or cancelled.

For many businesses, the announcements planned at these cancelled events cannot wait and they have pivoted to deliver them using our tailored remote team building services. 

Others have postponed both events and announcements, choosing instead to spend their time setting up remote workforce systems and processes, which is one area where Be Challenged can help, free of charge. 

For many, working from home will be a challenging prospect. Isolation can potentially lead to loneliness and other mental health issues.

Motivation and productivity will suffer for some, while others will struggle to switch off and disconnect. 

Either way, it’s critical to keep the Buzz during this time, connecting with your team and encouraging collaboration. And our free programs will help you do exactly that.

Resources and advice:

Over the coming weeks and months, you will see a range of assets and guides on how to help drive a positive culture in remote workplaces, regularly communicated through our various channels.

COVID-19 aside, the global remote workforce was already forecast to boom over the next few years, and we expect that the virus will fast-track this transition.  

Organisations who develop strong remote team structures now will better weather this storm and stand out when the threat of this virus recedes.

Thanks for all your support. Stay safe and healthy.

From all the team at Be Challenged. 

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