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Michael Ekert

Michael Ekert Be Challenged Team Building

Michael Ekert is a Performance Coach and facilitator with a passion for developing others. As a highly accomplished speaker and presenter, Michael’s influential, vibrant, and highly infectious energy keeps audiences engaged and motivates people to achieve greater outcomes in life.

People have always been at the centre of Michael’s work. His experience over almost 30 years has incorporated business, management, coaching and facilitation, and sales and customer service. Through this experience he has acquired a deeper understanding of human behaviour and performance, and what drives success.

Michael has held a management role with a global organisation, where he coached and trained business owners and their teams. During this time, he honed his skillset for leading and developing people, which gives him invaluable insight into building successful teams within businesses.

As a facilitator Michael loves working with groups and seeing people come together and work collectively and cohesively as a team. He believes that interacting while having fun enhances creativity and allows people to open up, connect better and build stronger relationships.