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Jack Frampton

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Jack is one of the new recruits to the Be Challenged team. Starting in October 2017 as an Account Manager, he has hit the ground running delivering exceptional customer service to all his clients. Driven by a desire to get to know clients and really understand their needs and goals, Jack is active, dynamic, and tireless in achieving the right results for his clients. Prior to Be Challenged, Jack was in the Activities and Event teams for Hamilton Island, coordinating the island’s activity programs to give visitors a memorable fulfilling experience, and making Hamilton Island a premier destination for corporate events and tourism alike. While there, he was also given a leadership role in organising the inaugural Super League Triathlon that was held at Hamilton Island.

As an event that attracted the top 20 triathletes from around the world it was critical that Jack was able to inject professionalism, efficiency and extreme customer service into the management of the event. At Be Challenged, Jack’s goal is to curate and deliver outstanding and engaging programs that improve the skills, morale and teamwork of the employees in his client organisations. As an Account Manager, Jack is looking forward to developing trusted relationships with clients and help their businesses realise growth through the strength of their people.

It will come as no surprised that outside of work Jack is a fan of playing and watching any sport possible; be that golf, tennis, rugby, or just general exercise. He also loves travelling and experiencing new things in different cultures. Some of his favourite destinations include South Africa, Galápagos Islands, Colombia, Poland and Peru. Next on his bucket list are Russia, Scandinavia and Japan!