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Remote Win it in a Minute

Remote Win it in a Minute

Top Outcomes

Interactive Fun

Team Bonding

Friendly Competition



No. of Participants

4 – 20


15 – 60 minutes



About the program

Based on the TV Show but adapted to work in a remote setting this activity is all about having some fun and re-engaging with your colleagues in a fun environment.

Prior to the day participants will be provided with a simple list of household items to have on-hand ready for the Win it in a Minute party. It will not be an issue if people do not have everything and we will manage as need be.

After a brief virtual ice breaker we will break the group into teams before working through a series of fun challenges that participants will engage in.

Participants quickly relax, have fun and enjoy the welcome distraction as they or their team fight to be the Win it in a Minute Champions.

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