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Remote Head to Toe

Remote Head to Toe

Top Outcomes



Team Bonding



No. of Participants

2 – unlimited


15 – 30 minutes



About the program

Head to Toe is all about adding some mindfulness to your day. In the current setting with most of the workforce in isolation and potentially with minimal space, this simple home-based stretch routine allows you to get in some crucial basic movements to help manage your mindset.

Head to Toe can be run as a single session where participants are guided through a series of relaxing easy-to-do armchair stretches and breathing exercises.

Additionally, due to its modular design, the exercises can then be reintroduced and practised in smaller time slots throughout your day/week, at points when you would like your team to be refocused and energised.

Participants leave equipped with both the knowledge to perform the techniques and a purpose designed, step-by-step flip-book detailing the exercises

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