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Remote Chain Reaction

Remote Chain Reaction

Top Outcomes

Inspires Creativity and Fun


Strategic Planning



No. of Participants

4 – unlimited


0.5 – 1.5 hours



About the program

Remote Chain Reaction focuses on the key message of continuing to work together especially while most of the workforce is now working remotely. The premise is that as an individual you have your own focus and ideas, however it is important to make sure that you understand what you do can affect others and what others do can have an effect on you.

In this activity after an initial briefing each individual will have a strict time limit to plan and build a simple chain reaction style machine in their household or work environment with various parameters in place. During this time they will also be advised which colleagues are ‘connected’ to them and thus who they need to communicate with when building their chain reaction.

Once completed we invite each chain reaction to set off and film their specific machine and then share this video with us and we will create an entire video linking each chain reaction to the next showing that while remote working is a challenge, it does not need to be a barrier to collaboration.

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