COVIDSafe Program Framework
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With increasingly positive news around social gatherings and events from all states and territories, we are excited to also see increasing numbers of bookings for our in-person team building programs.

Many diligent clients have been asking about the OHS protocols we have in place during in-person programs and which programs will be best to deliver high quality and much-needed team building outcomes in a safe and responsible way.

In preparation for this we built the Be Challenged COVIDsafe Program Offering and Events Framework to ensure all of our programs – and events we participate in – adhere to the relevant state OHS legislation.

This Framework includes applying clear safety guidelines to program deliveries as well a carefully selected program offering.

That means only offering programs that can be run safely, but without compromising on the delivery of much-needed outcomes that many businesses and teams desperately need after months in isolation.

The most common reasons people are booking our COVIDSafe Programs are:

  • Reconnect team members who have been working in isolation
  • Motivate and inspire a team to succeed in difficult circumstances
  • Drive digital collaboration and a positive team structure
  • Deliver key company messaging in a memorable way

COVIDsafe Events Framework:

  • Commencing all events with a Be Challenged COVIDsafe briefing as well as clear and vocal reminders throughout the program
  • Prominent written COVIDsafe signage during all programs
  • Restricting access to anyone with any symptoms
  • Hand sanitisation before, during and after programs for all participants
  • Limiting team/table sizes to those required by state laws
  • Cleaning equipment and venue space before, during and after programs
  • Adhering to physical distancing requirements with marked guidelines

COVIDsafe Programs Offered

Big Picture: teamwork, cooperation and communication

Chain Reaction Table Top: teams connect a series of simple machines with next, creating a chain reaction

Win it in a Minute: teams battle it out in hilarious and exciting 60 second challenges

Orchestrate: teams become a real symphony orchestra in only two hours!

Quickfire: teams complete as many challenges within a given timeframe

Go Team: GPS-triggered team challenges in the form of questions, clues, and pictures

Crescendo: learn the violin in under one hour and play as a group

Bridging the Divide: collaborative construction project with teams working to design and construct a bridge

Team Opportunity: Collaborate to invest and assess goals, risks, strengths, and weaknesses

Peak Performance: teams manage resources and monitor conditions to scale Mount Everest


STATEMay: Small EventsJune: Medium-sized events July: Unlimited-sized events 
NSW10 people1 June – 50 people1 July  – unlimited capacity*
VIC10 people1 June – 20 people

22 June – 50 people

Dates TBC
QLD10 people12 June – 20 peopleDates TBC

*only one person for every four square metres, limiting numbers according to the size of the space.

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We are excited about safely delivering increasingly bigger and better programs and events and see this as a big step in navigating the new normal and finding new ways to thrive!

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