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Head To Toe

Head To Toe

Top Outcomes

Focuses The  Mind


Interactive Fun



No. of Participants

10 – Unlimited


20-30 Minutes



About the program

Head To Toe is an informal, non-threatening energiser which educates delegates on how to achieve personal health and mindfulness during their work day or conference.

Investing in the health and wellbeing of your workforce has proven return. When they periodically focus on breath and stretching, your employees are better at managing their time and stress levels, improving productivity and staff retention while decreasing absenteeism. The unique sequence of the exercises in Head to Toe has been developed by a well respected health practitioner as an instant ‘pick me up’ easily performed in any environment.

Head to Toe Can be run during a singe session as a very effective conference energiser. In addition, due to its modular design, the excursuses can then be reintroduced and practice in similar time slots throughout your conference, at points when you would like your delegates to be refocused and energised.

Your team leave equipped with both the knowledge to perform the techniques and a purpose designed, step by step flip book detailing the Head to Toe techniques. The high quality flip book empowers delegates to add the exercises into their day-to-day routine, making it one of the most valuable conference give-aways’s they’ll ever receive.

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About the program

The prize may not be a million dollars and you may not cover all the corners of the globe but the fundamentals of the race remain the same: the team that shows superior speed, cunning and teamwork will come out on top of the rest. The Be Challenged Amazing race includes: roadblocks, detours and yields and is highly adaptable to any venue or location. Teams must face them all to achieve success and be the first on the Amazing Race mat. Best run in all major cities: and can take on variety of forms including Amazing Race, Treasure Hunts & Carmen Sandiego.

Photos & videos

For more information, call us on
1300 723 476 or contact us below!

Program testimonials


“You all really set an enthusiastic but calm and stress free tone managing to keep that up all day. I can’t tell you how grateful and thankful I am for your help, creativity and all round awesomeness.”

– Atlassian

“Team morale has definitely increased and we attribute this to the great team building activities from Be Challenged, creating a fun and energetic day whilst focusing on the fundamentals of working as a team.”

– Bankwest

“I want to thank the Be Challenged team for your professionalism and a special thanks to Mark Preston for co-ordinating a great event last Friday.  Everyone had such a great time and thank you for making it such a memorable day for our team!”

– O’Brien Glass