How Many Friends Do You Have?

December 18, 2014

I was recently watching a segment about Facebook on the ABC and as you can imagine there were a number of differing views and opinions on the position that social media plays in our lives.

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Australia’s Best Place To Work!

October 8, 2014

How do you create the best place to work? Learning from the team at Atlassian, who just took out the number 1 spot on the BRW Best Place To Work list for 2014, my first response would be don’t preserve your culture: add to it!

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Trust me… WE KNOW!

September 11, 2014

BeChallenged collaborate with 32 other team building partners around the world to be the leaders in creating, delivering and maintaining happy and effective teams so trust me, we know team building.

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Is Team Building Passe?

August 13, 2014

To say Team Building is passé is like saying TV is on it’s way out. Now, more than ever, we have a new generation of workforce who isn’t driven solely by the corporate dollar.

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The Experience

July 17, 2014

Over the last 10 years you will most likely have been inundated with corporate lunches and dinners, each time faced with a similar format of F&B, speakers and let’s be honest the usual 3 to 4 topics discussed at a banquet table in the attempt to build rapport and avoid any awkward silences.

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Laughing yourself to success

June 18, 2014

I understand that sometimes the culture you work in doesn’t consist of the funniest of activities (probably most of the time) but I do know how important it is to laugh.

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